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Surface Embalming Agents




The old reliable. Use as a pack for bleaching, on exhumation cases, floaters, gangrenous, cancerous and other putrefactive cases to sear, dry and firm the tissues. Use as a preservative on still-born babies. Use hypodermically and for stopping tissue gas.


The same strong, effective chemical as the liquid except it comes in a super-convienient gel. Can be used in all the applications wher the liquid is used, and it elmiminates the need for messy liquid packs.


Very effective as a transport disinfectant for shipping cases due to the slower-evaporating formula. It i also ideal for use as a dusting agent in caskets and removal poches to help control odor i advanced decomposition cases.


Great to use on first call and removals. As a spray into the nose and mouth area, it is effective at combating a varied number of vermin. It is effective against skin slip, and can be used in gangrenous cases.


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