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We also carry Kelco and Hyrol fluids as well!


Frigid’s Rigid is a 35 index arterial fluid designed to furnish a firm body. It includes a unique blend of buffers, humectants and plasticizers to help modify the harshness of the formaldehyde. Rigid features a very effective surfactant for thorough distribution and deep penetration of the body tissues. Besides being excellent for “normal” cases, it is essential for the treatment of cases

where decomposition is advanced or for cancer cases where nitrogenous body wastes have

accumulated and tend to neutralize the action of the formaldehyde. It is the fluid of choice for cases when there will be an extended gap between death and burial.

If your prep room is attached to a septic system you should use TISSUE GUARD 32 in place of 36 Plus due to the fact that ethylene dichloride has been deemed unsafe for septic systems. 36 Plus is our best selling fluid. It is a high index general purpose arterial fluid that assures 

preservation and pleasing results with both normal and difficult cases. Its special blend of penetrants helps the formaldehyde reach all parts of the circulatory system assuring thorough

tissue saturation and complete preservation. 36 Plus combines the use of unique chemicals which modify the effect of formaldehyde and retain moisture so that a firm body is produced. With 36

Plus the body is free of tissue burn and “pruning” frequently associated with high formaldehyde


For the most difficult cases we recommend 32 index Standard arterial fluid. This fluid contains a

high level of formaldehyde, the most effective and efficient preservative chemical available.

Standard also is formulated with a generous amount of formaldehyde modifier and humectant to

control dehydration. Because of these modifiers and the inclusion of unique salts and buffers,

Standard can be used for routine embalming as well as for the most difficult cases. The addition

of special salts enhances the action of Standard so that its preservative power exceeds that

normally expected of a 32 index arterial.

Tissue Guard 32 Plus has been reformulated as a result of a recent finding that the chemical ethylene dichloride is not safe for septic systems. This chemical has been removed from the fluid and the name has been changed to Tissue Guard 32. If your prep room is attached to a septic

system then you should use this fluid in place of 36 Plus. Use of Tissue Guard 32 results in a firm but not overly hard body. The effect of a special blend of

humectant chemicals and water-soluble lanolin modifies this 32 index arterial fluid so that the body retains some flexibility and natural feel. Its special dye system is designed to give a warm, even cosmetic effect; not the harsh effect sometimes obtained using unmodified dyes.






\When the soft, smooth skin texture supplied by lanolin is desired, Lanol-Tex arterial fluid is the choice. Containing one of the highest amounts of lanolin available in an arterial fluid, Lanol-Tex is an especially good fluid for dry, emaciated cases as well as those that may need some extra protection from dehydration. Besides the high lanolin content, Lanol-Tex also contains two other excellent modifiers that provide further protection from dehydration and furnish a more pliable tissue texture.



When a slightly firmer body is desired or a case calls for a little more preservative than is

normally available in a 20 to 25 index fluid, Eotone arterial fluid is the answer. Eotone is a 27

index arterial with good preservative power. It contains buffers and humectants to moderately modify its formaldehyde level. Eotone gives an even, light pink coloration to the skin.




Containing three disinfecting and preserving agents, 25 index Flotone arterial fluid gives the

embalmer the perfect tool for a medium firm body. Modifying chemicals work to ease the harsh

effect of formaldehyde and prevent deyhdration. Special buffering materials assure proper distribution and hold the pH close to the optimum for good formaldehyde action. Flotone’s blend of dyes furnish a natural skin tone without blotching. The embalmer can have confidence in obtaining preservation with medium firming, protection against dehydrationand a pleasant skin



A 20 index arterial fluid, X-20 provides a soft but well-preserved and life-like feel and appearance to the body and skin. X-20 contains six ingredients, including silicone oils, which

modify the harsh effects of formaldehyde. The embalmer can be sure of both an excellent

cosmetic effect and a particularly pleasant result - a thoroughly embalmed body of mild firmness

and uniform color with a natural, moist feel to the skin. Mildly buffered to help keep the formaldehyde base at optimum preservation power, X-20

penetrates and distributes well. The preservatives and modifiers are carried into the tissue to give

it a plasticized feel with the proper formaldehyde content for good preservation.



Natural Tone is a 20 index arterial fluid which furnishes a life-like skin texture and color. Containing silicone, Natural Tone penetrates amazingly well. The silicone combined with a mild but very effective buffer system results in an excellent and uniform cosmetic effect. The feel of the skin is soft, smooth, and natural. Not only does Natural Tone produce an especially pleasing cosmetic effect but its unique blend of

silicone, buffers, and humectants result in a mildly firm body with a smooth, moist feel. Preservation is assured because Natural Tone penetrates and distributes so evenly and well.

Preservation is also assured because it utilizes formaldehyde, the most effective embalming preservative, as its primary ingredient.

Perfect Tone arterial fluid is our answer to a low formaldehyde content arterial that gives a soft,

smooth cosmetic effect and a thoroughly embalmed body. An 18 index fluid, Perfect Tone combines the effectiveness of formaldehyde with the distributing and modifying effects of silicone and lanolin. The soft, pastel coloring and uniform distribution are prime characteristics of good embalming. The tissue is moist and life-like with a soft to medium firm texture. Dehydration is not a problem with Perfect Tone.


Color Guard I is a new idea in jaundice treatment. Not just a mask or highly buffered arterial fluid, Color Guard I’s chemicals actually react with bilirubin to change its yellow coloration to a red or rosy tone. The yellow of jaundice can be significantly reduced, especially in the visible areas of the body. However, in cases of “black” or “green” jaundice where the bilirubin/biliverdin has diffused into the tissue, Color Guard I may be ineffective.



Leak Guard is a unique supplemental fluid designed to prevent leakage of body fluids and to pull excessive moisture from the body. Leak Guard combines an effective pore closer with a proven moisture reducer and tissue hardener. Badly bloated bodies frequently leak through the pores, complicating their preservation and the lay-out procedure. Leak Guard closes pores from within so that pore leakage is eliminated. At the same time Leak Guard helps remove excessive moisture from the tissue and firms it. To assist the preservation of the body, a powerful, non-formaldehyde disinfectant is included so that Leak Guard can be injected directly into tissue as well as used in conjunction with an arterial fluid.

For embalming bodies when congealed and clotted blood is anticipated, Plasma Flo is the chemical of choice. For many years embalmers have relied on Plasma Flo to clear and prepare the

vascular system for optimum fluid distribution and penetration. Its special alkaline formula loosens and breaks up coagulated blood so that drainage can be established even in difficult cases such as burned or frozen bodies, or when extensive chemotherapy has taken place. As a co-injection fluid, Plasma Flo, can be used with all aldehyde type arterials to enhance and improve drainage, distribution, and penetration. The overall result is an even cosmetic effect and

a milder action by the arterial fluid.



A unique co-injection, Free Flo is designed to improve distribution and drainage by freeing capillaries of congealing blood. Free Flo, when used with an arterial fluid, markedly improves the ability of the diluted arterial to displace the blood and allow the preservative chemical to do its work. Because Free Flo enhances the distribution of the arterial into all areas of the body, there results a uniformly embalmed body and an even dye coloration on the surface of the body. A

mildly alkaline chemical, Free Flo buffers the arterial to an effective pH - no more grey bodies. Its special components also act to soften the potentially harsh effects of formaldehyde apparent in some arterials. This gives the body a more natural feel, and helps it retain a proper moisture level.


For cases showing signs of dehydration the co-injection to choose is Humectant. An emulsion of

several special oils and moisturizing agents, Humectant helps to fill sallow tissue and return a life-like appearance and skin texture. Wrinkling is controlled and a proper moisture level is restored. The moisture loving chemicals in Humectant work to prevent further dehydration by retarding the escape of water from surface tissues and restoring the moisture level in deeper

tissues. In addition to its ability to rehydrate tissue, Humectant modifies the harsh action of formaldehyde and softens the color of the dyes used in arterial fluids. A more pliable and life-like tissue results with an excellent cosmetic effect.



Premium Jaundice brings together three factors found to be effective with jaundiced bodies. 1) It contains a chemical, which bleaches the color of bilirubin, the pigment responsible for the yellowing of the tissue. 2) It contains a generous number of agents designed to promote distribution throughout the body, and thus facilitate the flushing of yellow pigment from the body. 3) It also contains a low level of formaldehyde (8 index) so that large volumes of diluted fluid can effectively be used to flush the body.



Embalmers who desire superior results should try Rose Colortone Dye by Frigid. Rose Colortone Dye is a concentrated dye that can be added to arterial fluid to get a natural life-like color. When injected, this dye stains the tissue ensuring long lasting effects. Rose Colortone Dye is compatible with all arterial and supplemental fluids.



For emaciated cases we recommend Tissue Aid. This supplemental embalming fluid contains special moisture retaining compounds known as natural colloids. Natural colloids are particularly effective at working from within a body to recover the proper hydration level in the cells so that the body’s natural appearance and form are restored.


When a mild fluid is needed to flush out the arterial system, we recommend Solvol pre-injection fluid. A 6 index Fluid, Solvol is excellent for clearing the body to allow for better distribution and penetration of an arterial fluid. Special ingredients help prevent waterlogging sometimes associated with pre-injections and also help to remove discoloration.


For outstanding control of hard water salts, Water/Clot Guard is the choice. Frequently the cause of a blotchy appearance and fading color, hard water that exceeds 80-ppm calcium carbonate cannot be neutralized by the chemicals in arterial fluid alone.


Dry Guard’s special formula results in excellent penetration and preservation of tissue. The affected tissue is very firm and dry, assuring the embalmer that the tissues of the cavities are well preserved. The possibility of missed areas within the cavities, and subsequent decomposition, is reduced by the penetrating ability of the fluid.


When the security of plenty of formaldehyde and good penetration is desired, we recommend Cavity King. At 25 index this cavity fluid furnishes excellent preservative power to protect against visceral putrefaction and odor development.

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