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From your traditional dressing gloves, to your heavy duty embalming gloves, latex powder free to lightly powdered, and nitrile to vinyl, BPPOLO offers a complete line of latex and non-latex exam gloves. 

Please browse through our wide selection of gloves and find one that fits your personal funeral preparation needs.

O.S.H.A. recommends nitriles as the glove of choice for all Funeral Home Industries. Nitrile gloves are chemical and puncture resistant and completely free of contamination from blood borne pathogens.


Gloves made from vinyl, nitrile, and synthetic materials provide exceptional protection without the worry of a latex allergic reaction. Nitrile, a non-latex glove material, is chemical, tear, and puncture resistant. Ideal for both medical procedures and industrial uses, BPPOLO's non-latex gloves are incredibly versatile spanning across a large spectrum of industries. 





Gloves made from nitrile material have incredible tactile sensitivity, high resitance to chemicals and punctures, and a longer shelf-life compared to latex. More embalmers are choosing to use nitrile gloves as their latex allergy solution. 



All of our latex gloves gloves provide maximum protection against blood borne pathogens wih exceptional comfort and dexterity. Availble in both powder free and lightly powder, our gloves come in a variety of thicknesses to accomodate specific tasks.

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